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7 Myths About Trekking

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

The internet is loaded with ‘n’ number of inhibitions and misconceptions regarding hiking and trekking. And you have no idea what an amazing and beautiful experience you’re missing. The feeling of taking a walking in the woods and the mountains can’t be expressed in words! We all have gone through a phase where we plan a trek with friends but they all back out at the end moment just because of their inhibitions.

So, to save your next trip, we bring to you 7 myths about trekking and hiking.

  1. You need to be super fit to participate in trekking activities

You say this to yourself that trekking is not for you because of your physical condition which you believe is not super fit. This is a big myth. As long as you start with simple treks, you can definitely participate in trekking activity.

As Himalayan Khalifa we guide you and prepare you for trekking.

2. Trekking is only for single or young people

Don’t let this belief stop you. Treks are best enjoyed with family members and loved ones. Of course, nothing stops from making new friends and observing life from different perspectives.

Himalayan Khalifa specializes in treks focused on family and kids needs.

3. Trekking is boring and Harsh

Trekking can be full of fun, provided you are in the right company and in the right nature settings. With Treks shortlisted by us we shall bring you joy and shall help in breaking some myths about your self-imposed limits.

4. Kids don’t enjoy trekking

We have noticed kids participate in trekking with great energy and have lot of fun . So much so they forget the video games and addiction of phone for the hours they spend in nature. Additionally, they learn lot about Team Spirits and Leadership on the treks. Want to gift this to your kids. Sign up for our upcoming

5. Trekking take lot of time and is costly affair

Trekking can be planned according to your needs. While some treks are short, some are long. Keeping family and kids in mind we have designed treks from One day to Two Days that help you prepare for Longer Duration treks.

6. Trekking is Costly as you need to buy all the latest expensive gears

Trekking can be Moderate or Costly depending upon the Trek you want and equipment you are planning for the trek.

With right guidance, you can embrace this activity at a cost which is very Minimal and shall bring Joy and Fitness for you.

7. Is trekking safe for Single Ladies and Young Kids

This depends on your trekking organization who plans your trek. At Himalayan Khalifa we pay special attention to this and work on to provide not only safe environment but environment of Fun and Learning.


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